Smith and Sons team of experienced and fully qualified Chartered Surveyors provide a wide range of valuations and surveys on all types of residential and commercial buildings.

All reports are prepared either by Andrew Smith BSc (Hons) MRICS or Chris Johnson FRICS FNAVA. Both have over 20 years experience inspecting, valuing and surveying property throughout the North West of England.

Both are registered valuers under the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

Residential and Commercial Valuations are carried out for the following purposes:-

  • Banks, Building Societies and Bridging Finance purposes
  • Inheritance tax for probate
  • Matrimonial purposes
  • Insurance
  • Tenant's right to buy
  • Capital Gains Tax purposes
  • Charities Act
  • Pension Funds
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Expert Witness Reports

Residential Inspections & Surveys

For the home buyer, we offer a range of reports prior to purchase dependent on your individual requirements and budget. Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you are ever likely to make and therefore you need to know as much about the property and its condition as you can before you decide to buy.

It is a popular misconception that a mortgage valuation is a survey. It is in fact prepared for your lender to help them decide if the property you are buying provides suitable security. It will not provide you with information on the condition of the property or whether there are defects requiring additional expenditure.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders strongly advises that you have a survey carried out prior to proceeding with a purchase. The services we can provide for the home buyer are as follows:-

  • Valuation Report
  • RICS Condition Report
  • RICS Homebuyer Report
  • Building Survey (formerly known as the structural survey)

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Valuation Report

This is a brief report which determines the Market Value of a property. The report will include a brief overview of condition but does not provide detailed commentary on its condition. A report such as this may be useful if you wish to determine whether or not the price you are paying for a property is reasonable.

RICS Condition Report

This is the latest addition to our product range. The RICS Condition Report offers a buyer or seller a concise overview of the condition of the property and could be prepared to compliment a mortgage valuation that your lender requires.

The report provides a brief description of the construction and condition of the property. The inspection of the property is more detailed than that carried out for a mortgage valuation but does not include valuation advice or an estimate as to re-instatement costs. It instead concentrates on the actual condition of the property, identifying defects and major risks.

The RICS Condition Report uses the red, amber and green 'traffic light' system to rate the condition of different parts of the property showing problems that require attention or highlighting areas needing further investigation prior to exchange of contracts.

To see a copy of the RICS Condition Report, click here

RICS Homebuyer Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report provides a buyer with more extensive information on the property being purchased.

The report provides comment on the construction and condition of the property, highlighting any major risks and legal issues. It contains all the features of the RICS Condition Report and also Includes an opinion of the Market Value of the property along with an insurance re-instatement figure. Additional advice is provided on repairs and ongoing maintenance and energy efficiency information is recorded (where available). There is also a section which provides you with advice for your solicitors with a summary of the key risks associated with purchasing your new home.

Again, the RICS Homebuyer Reports uses the easy to understand red, amber and green 'traffic light' system to rate the condition of various parts of the property and highlighting any areas needing further investigation prior to exchange of contracts.

To see a sample of the RICS Homebuyer Report, click here.

For more information on helping you choose the right survey, click here.

Building Survey

This was formerly known as a structural survey and is the most detailed report available. This report is normally suitable for large, older type properties or dwellings where major alteration works are planned. It includes a thorough inspection and detailed report on a wide range of issues including a description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden issues. In some cases, estimates of the cost of rectifying defects can be provided. A building survey does not normally include a valuation figure.

For more information on helping you choose the right survey, click here.

Smith and Sons regularly carry out survey and valuation work in the following areas:-

  • All areas of the Wirral
  • Liverpool
  • Chester
  • Ormskirk
  • Wigan
  • St Helens
  • Widnes


Surveys and valuations on all types of commercial properties prior to purchase including shops, offices, industrial units and land.


  • Compulsory Purchase claims and advice on sales by agreement
  • Boundary and Building Disputes
  • Retrospective valuation advice
  • Housing disrepair matters
  • Schedules of Condition/Dilapidation

Staff Contacts

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