The cold weather is most definitely upon us and not only will the shift in temperature affect you but will also take its toll on certain parts of your home. Keep on top of the household chores and introduce simple measures that will keep your home in good condition during and ahead of winter.

Stop condensation in its tracks by: 

  • Avoiding drying clothes on radiators 
  • When using the hob, cover your pans to contain the steam and use an extractor fan 
  • Keep bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated
  • Avoid turning your heating from high to low and try and maintain a consistent temperature 

Keep an eye on your pipes

The damage from a burst pipe can be catastrophic and is often brought on by cold weather.  Avoid this by insulating your pipes with sleeves or wrapping and remember to run heat through them at least a couple of times a week to help minimise the build-up of frozen water. 

If you're going away for any period, it's good practice to leave the heating on at a consistently low temperature.

Is the heating on?

Our heating system is an incredibly important part of our homes particularly in the cooler months, so it’s important to ensure we keep it in good working order.

Make sure you regularly bleed your radiators to ensure there’s no trapped air inside. Keeping air out allows you to keep your heat on full and your house warmer.

Getting your boiler serviced regularly can also reduce the potential of a breakdown at any time, missing out on that warmth when you really need it.

Follow these tips, keep warm and one step ahead of the cold weather!

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